The Negative Side Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day where love is celebrated across the nation. You and your significant other spend time together and exchange romantic gifts with each other as a sign of the amount of love that you all have for each other. Although this description seems like the perfect way to celebrate this 14th day of February, it almost never happens this way. Valentine’s day has a negative side that no really pays attention to.

An aspect of this negative side would be the receiving of a gift that no one would EVER want. We all have received that one gift, whether it was Valentine’s day or Christmas, that we truly did not want. Receiving a gift that we did not want on the most romantic day of the year can completely make a day less special, depending on how materialistic a person may be.

Another aspect of the negative side of Valentine’s day is the act of going on a date cliche type of date. The dinner and movie date is traditionally what most couple in America do on Valentine’s day, but in the year 2011 I feel that the dating experience should be taken to another level. Being original with the type of date that you and a significant other go on can always add more spice to this day of romance. Whereas, the “dinner and movie” can somehow take away from the flame.

To conclude, the positive aspects of Valentine’s Day overshadows the negative aspects of this day. Thus, making it one of the greatest holidays of the year.


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